Sock Knitting and Reading

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It doesn’t feel like I did a lot this week, but I did find some reading time. I also managed to fit in a little sock knitting. Now if only I didn’t feel so exhausted!

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Sock knitting whilst hiding from the snow

Baycrest acrylic, Lady Galt Kroy and Sheepjes sock yarn
That’s a lot of vintage yarn.

This week went simultaneously fast and slow. It felt like the week whipped by, except when it didn’t. When I wasn’t watching the road reports due to snowfall, I was out of the house. Mostly running errands and spending time with family. When I was home, I finished one sock, started the next, and put together some graphic design work for a personal project.

There’s a part of me that is really exhausted, and another part that feels like I did absolutely nothing.

Last Week on Stringchronicity

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Wednesday: I shared three of my favourite books on writing (WWBC).
Thursday: Review: The Killer Across the Table
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Finished Objects

I finished Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai! I’m still getting my thoughts in order so I can write my review. Not sure when I want to post it. Normally, with its release scheduled in 2020, I’d wait until a few weeks before the publishing date. However, I’m seeing reviews already popping up on Goodreads. So perhaps we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

I also finished The Killer Across the Table by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The review is already up, if you’d like to read it.

Last, but not least, I finished a sock. I had to check the length, rip back, and re-knit the toe a couple of times before I was happy with it. No picture until the second sock is done!

What I’m Reading, Listening to and Watching

I’m about 2/3 of the way through The Remaking by Clay McLeod Chapman, and will probably finish it by the end of the weekend. I have…mixed feelings.

Still wading through the writing book. Not surprised it’s taking a back seat to the suspenseful fiction. That’s pretty normal around here.

I’m not really a fan of Taylor Swift, but I do find Polyphonic’s perspective interesting. The last time I was really invested in the pop music scene, Whitney Houston and Madonna were topping the charts. Grunge and Industrial were on the rise, and the genres battled it out for chart dominance.

I wasn’t aware of the length of Swift’s career thus far, and some of the songs Polyphonic lists never filtered to my sphere of music. I’m genuinely impressed.

I’m not going to go out and immediately invest in a complete discography, but I’m impressed.

On the Needles

No second sock syndrome for me. I’m finished the cuff of sock #2 and working my way down to the heel.

Stash Acquisition

That’s a lot of yarn, alright.

My mother has been going through her stash of yarn, and came up with 10 balls of Baycrest Worsted acrylic, a few balls of Kroy sock yarn, and a super-haul of Scheepjes sock yarn. Just look at those vintage ball bands!

The Kroy is labelled “Lady Galt Kroy”, which I’ve come across before. Never was able to pin down the actual decade, and Mum can’t remember. However, a price tag fell off one of the many balls of yarn on my sofa, and the amount is about a quarter of the price we pay today.

At any rate, it’s now residing at my house rather than hers. Which means I won’t be lacking for sock yarn anytime soon.

How did your week go? Looks like mine was filled with reading and sock knitting. Not a bad place to be, honestly. Comment down below and tell me all about it!


6 responses to “Sock Knitting and Reading

    • If you still have any interest in knitting socks, I highly recommend Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks. It has lots of helpful pictures and explanations. I wish I’d had it the first time I tried sock knitting.

  1. Maureen Bakker

    I love that you’re knitting! I always wanted to learn how to do it. But I still haven’t found the time. And now there’s just so much other stuff I’d like and need to do. LOL!
    Have a great week and happy reading!

    • I don’t really find time is much of an issue. Most folks watch TV at some point in the day. I just do it with my fingers moving.
      The easiest way to learn is to find a simple project you want to make, and some yarn that you like to touch. Then just work on it for 15 minutes a day. Once you get to the point where it starts feeling natural, you won’t worry about the time. You’ll just knit socks (or, if you’re my Mum, baby layettes) while watching Netflix 🙂

  2. Reading and knitting are such lovely hobbies to do together. My knitting days are over. I’ve written 300,000+ words this year so far and counting – my poor hands can’t cope with anything else that scrunches them up and forces them to work so hard.

    Have a lovely week and enjoy the books:)

    • I’m envious of your word count! I need to get back to writing my near-future fantasy, but I’ve been trying to stockpile some blog posts first. Take off some of the pressure 🙂

      I found the way I’d originally taught myself to knit was hard on my hands, so I re-taught myself a different method a few years ago. Hoping to make an inexpensive overhead filming rig soon so I can make a video. I have quite a few arthritic days, but can usually do a few rounds on a sock. Calms me down. 🙂

      I’m only in my mid-40’s, but I do have arthritis in my hands. I started planning for it early because my Mum was about the same age when she developed rheumatism. Typing, knitting, and playing piano are all a bit harder with age, but they help keep my brain in shape. 🙂

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