Hi there! I’m Maire!

I knit, spin my own yarn, play the piano, and read a lot. This translates into book reviews, opinions on yarn, and slice-of-life blog posts from the world of fibre arts. I once proudly announced that life was too short for bad yarn, but I’m coming to learn that sometimes even the cheap stuff can be good. It just depends on how you’re using it.

My favourite genres to read are Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romance. Those are the broad strokes. If we start talking sub-genres we’ll be here all day.

When it comes to yarn: I like yarn. Seriously, if you give me string, I will find a way to use it. I even do needlepoint, though I find knitting & crochet more practical.

Why Stringchronicity?

Handspun yarn made with fibre from Into the Whirled
Handspun yarn made with fibre from Into the Whirled

Once upon a time, I hosted a podcast. It was called “SockTart”. I let it lapse when Real Life started to take up more of my time. A couple of years later I came back to the idea, but as my focus would be wider than just sock-knitting, I brainstormed a new title with the Husbeast. He came up with Stringchronicity. I find it suits me. After all, eventually everything comes back to fancy string!

Stringchronicity-the-podcast lasted only a few episodes, but the name stuck. By the end of the podcast’s run, I was attempting to experiment with video casting. My home computer and peripheral equipment, unfortunately, couldn’t handle it. Youtube was really just getting started and wasn’t quite A Thing yet.

Times have changed, though, and now we carry powerful videocameras in our pockets on a regular basis. Editing programs come standard on some computers. I started my YouTube adventures in late 2019. I made a couple of false starts (I discovered that I am in no way equipped to host a gaming channel), but have settled into a subject I’m really quite interested in: Making Things.

My initial concept was to become the Bernadette Banner of knitting, mostly because knitting YouTube is largely made up of tutorials and conversational podcasts rather than aesthetic films. That concept has expanded to include other crafts, and an exploration of my family heritage through historically adequate (and sometimes wholly inaccurate) costuming. What I lack in skill, I often attempt to make up in humour: I am a self-admitted Disaster Sewist.

A female troll from World Of Warcraft, mugging in a selfie. She wears a silly tricorn hat and barnacle-encrusted gear. This chick's obviously been to Nazjatar.
Somedays you just feel like a troll.

When I’m not playing with string, you can often find me on World of Warcraft. Or manipulating imaginary lives on The Sims. Yes, I’ve considered live-streaming. Unfortunately, my personal computer is a Macintosh. Software and gaming on a Mac can be inconvenient at best, problematic at worst. I’m not ruling it out as an option! Some folks have told me that they would be down for some mid-afternoon sock knitting, and as there is a pandemic keeping folks at home while I type this, maybe we just all need a good virtual stitch and bitch.

Please feel free to stick around, ask questions, and let me get to know you as well as I’m sure you’re getting to know me 🙂