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♫ New…to me! These authors are new to me…♫

Oh wait, no, that’s Ella Fitzgerald.

This week’s Friday Favourites theme is Favourite Authors that are New To Me in 2019. As always, the Friday Favourites is hosted by Something of the Book

I got back on my reading and tracking jam in the last couple of months of 2019, so some of these names may seem a little…familiar.

Best new to me authors of 2019

Alisha Rai

I’d heard about Alisha Rai, but hadn’t had the opportunity to read her work until now. The two commercial books I’ve read so far are quite charming! I’m really looking forward to reading more from her.

Nancy Warren

I’m really enjoying Warren’s Vampire Knitting Club series. They’re a nice, cozy mystery to curl up and drink hot chocolate while reading. Since I have a few more of these in my queue, I’m sure I’ll be cozy all winter!

Caitlin Starling

I went through a stretch this year where I had trouble getting into any book I touched. I remember complaining about it to our Cee. She figured it was because I just wasn’t in a mood for Science Fiction. Turns out I just needed to keep going. After starting and stopping a few other books, I finally got to The Luminous Dead. Once I got over the psychological hump, I was off and running. Since Starling is really good at atmospheric horror, I’m really looking forward to her next book. I hear it’s going to be a gothic haunted house tale!

Chuck Wendig

I have one of Chuck’s writing craft books, but I don’t think that counts when it comes to fiction. Wanderers kept me gripped to the story. I particularly enjoyed the audiobook. Wonderful performances! I’ll be watching to see what else Wendig comes up with (if the wildlife outside his writer’s shack don’t get him first…)


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