Happy Sushi Belly

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I don’t exactly know where the phrase ‘happy sushi belly’ came from, but after Friday night, that’s exactly what I had. Welcome to the Sunday Post!

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Tamagotchi's, Masago, California Rolls and Edamame all make for a happy sushi belly!

Happy Sushi Belly and a Semi-Unexpected ARC!

The Husbeast went back to work on Tuesday. He was lucky his vacation joined right up to Remembrance Day, so he had an extra day off to get ready to face the office.

For Remembrance Day, I talked about my Grandfather, a WWII vet. I also wrote how I support the Movember foundation in his honour. If you’re looking for a charitable contribution to put toward your taxes this year, can I suggest you consider making a donation to my Movember campaign? Every little bit helps.

Obviously, I’m not putting the thumbscrews to anyone.I haven’t exactly raised thousands of dollars in the past. That said, I’ll remind you again next week 😉

I’ve been teaching myself how to use OBS Studio for Twitch and YouTube streaming. I’ve been considering streaming World of Warcraft or The Sims, or just games as they appeal to me. While chatting about various and sundry things. Maybe I’ll find that one pocket of literate knitters who also play video games. It could happen.

Friday I took a day off…and we went out for Sushi! We were all so hungry we shut the place down. Definitely a night for happy sushi belly!

Last Week on Stringchronicity

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Tuesday: On Top Ten Tuesday, we showed off our bookmarks
Wednesday: For WWBC, we shared our strange and unusual talents
Thursday: Review, Doctor Sleep: A Novel
Friday: I took a day off!
Saturday: I talked about Those Darned Socks

Upcoming Features

I have Top Ten Tuesday and Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge posts already planned, and am hoping for at least one book review and one ramble about yarny goodness. You know, the usual stuff.

Finished Objects

I have a single sock (of a pair) that’s almost ready to come off the needles. I need to verify the fit first. Then I’ll be starting a new pair of socks.
I’m a bit behind on my reading, despite doing some each day. I guess that’s what weekends are for!

What I’m Reading, Listening to and Watching

No change from last week on the reading front. I’m getting closer to the end on Killer Across the Table. Driving the Husbeast to work in the morning means I get to listen to Jonathan Groff compare lesser-known murderers to some of his more famous cases. I’m OK with that.

Yet another costuming/fashion video for you. Morgan Donner wears a corset for a week. Spoiler: She doesn’t die from the experience.

Contrary to popular belief, corsets didn’t exist solely to cinch the waist to extreme proportions. Most corsets, at least by the late 1800’s to early 1900’s were intended as support garments for the chest, and as shape wear. Between lycra and underwires, women wear much more uncomfortable “convenience” garments nowadays.

Trust me on this. I’ve worn corsets from different eras, and the most challenging experience was attempting to drive while wearing an Elizabethan effigy corset stiffened with cable ties. Not something I plan to attempt again anytime soon. A late Victorian or Edwardian corset would have been a vast improvement.

On the Needles

The Big Blue Blanket continues to grow. Picture of sock included. If it fits, I just need to Kitchener the toe.

Stash Acquisition

German edition of Witchmark, ARC of Stormsong by CL Polk, Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw
German edition of Witchmark, ARC of Stormsong by CL Polk, Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw

I came home from sushi with a cache of goodies even though I was nowhere near a bookstore. And one of those books hasn’t been released yet. And one’s in German and has a title that glows in the dark…

(Yes, it’s a care package from CL Polk. She spoils us on occasion. You can expect a highly biased review of Stormsong once I’ve finished the other 3 books I promised to read).

I received a digital ARC of the Kingdom Cold series by Brittni Chenelle. We’ll see if I get around to this one. The first book, at least, is YA – which isn’t my cup of tea, but I definitely appreciate the chance to look it over!

Otherwise, I haven’t added any new books this week. I’m looking to get caught up.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


10 responses to “Happy Sushi Belly

  1. I love that big blue blanket. I wish you would offer it in a giveaway! It’s just my colors.

    Save the Cat is a book I always think about reading. I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

    Have a lovely week.

    • Ah, Deb. Unfortunately, I haven’t graduated to the point where I can donate my handicrafts. Canada is cold, and we need all the wooly (and wool-like) objects we can get our figurative mitts on! As The Husbeast calls it, “helpful sheep”.

      (I chose the blue for myself, but it turns out my Mum also likes that gradient, so if she doesn’t finish the blanket she’s working on, she might get mine. But I’m not telling her that in hopes she finishes her blanket.)

      Save the Cat is a good book for writers, and for breaking down scene beats in good bite-size chunks. It encapsulates the hero’s journey in a language screenwriters can quickly pick up. So far, the book for novelists is pretty good. I really need to sit down and have a good read. I’ve been skimming it before bed, and it’s unfortunately better than Nytol for fast drowsiness 😉

  2. That video about the corset was interesting. It’s not really a subject I’ve ever thought about much, but the way I’ve seen it portrayed in movies or books, I certainly did get the impression that it would be uncomfortable. I have to admit that even after watching the video, it still looks too cumbersome and uncomfortable for me, but it’s definitely an interesting experiment, and bras are also often uncomfortable, so good for her to explore different options. Happy reading and have a good week!

    • It’s a structured garment, so it naturally looks more involved than it needs to be. There are a variety of stiffeners, from cord, to reeds, to baleen and steel. It all depended on the kind of rigidity you required. Most women, throughout history, have needed to work. It’s only a small portion of a certain class that got to wear the really fancy stuff. Therefore, you needed to wear garments that suited the kind of work you did.

      Movies and books love the drama of the garment, and often envision it as being worse than it is. I imagine in another couple of hundred years, period dramas about our current era will complain bitterly about underwires and itchy back-closures.

      “Thank goodness for front claps,” Amelia sighed, pulling the t-shirt down over her chest, “I’m not a contortionist. I can’t reach behind my back. Whoever decided these things needed three hooks was a real jerk. You have no idea how many seams I’ve popped by fastening it in the front and pulling a bra around my waist.”


    • I know the feeling! We usually wear out our current computers before buying a new one. I was living vicariously through James Turner and Deligracy’s videos until we could afford a replacement computer.

      Of course, I went and bought a Mac, so it’s not exactly the most souped-up gaming experience. It’ll do for now!

  3. If you decide to stream yourself while playing games and talk about things on YouTube, I wish you good luck!
    Personally I don’t watch those type of videos, but I know they’re pretty popular so I hope you’ll find the right audience. ☺

    • They can be pretty popular depending on the personality doing the streaming. I’m not sure I can keep up that kind of patter, but I can try.

      Apparently the suggestion is just to keep chatting. Good thing I have a cat, a few houseplants, and a bunch of FunkoPop figurines to talk to in case nobody shows up 😉

  4. You might like to read Unmentionable by Therese Oneill which I reviewed last week for an interesting look at women’s underwear in the Victorian age. As a generously proportioned woman, corsets do not seem comfortable at all to me LOL

    Wishing you a great reading week

    • Just read the blurb copy on Unmentionable. Sounds like a fun read!

      My weight is a little high at the moment for a comfortable corset, but low-carb is right around the bend. I found that I liked the support it gave, and the assistance keeping my posture straight. At the time I’d been thinking of making a lightly structured (corded or lightly boned) set of stays for everyday wear. Never got around to it, though, more’s the pity.

      Hope you have a good reading week too! 🙂

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