Pretending to be grown up

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Welcome to my home:

This is what I came home to last Sunday.  We had spent most of the weekend cleaning, and Robin had decided to finish the job while I was at work.  He also cooked dinner (stir-fry), and we cleaned up afterwards.

The kitchen is still in pretty good shape.  We’re trying to keep it clean so that we can eventually put up the tree.

It all falls under that “pretending to be grown up” category that we’re working on, I guess.  The one where the cat’s box gets cleaned regularly, and you don’t get too drunk at the office Xmas party – which, by the way, was a lot of fun.  Usually they try to split up the departments to try to get us to “mingle”, but I think they’ve learned that we’ll behave nicer amongst our own friends.  Peer policing for the win!  I mean, really…it’s one thing to make an arse of yourself in front of some random dude…but if you do it in front of friends, it’s for keeps.

Belated happy Turkey Day for my friends in the US.  Here’s hoping you can roll yourselves out of bed today after the feast the night before.  Thank you also for kicking off the shopping season.  Now I can go Xmas shopping without feeling too much like a keener.  Unfortunately, it also means everyone else feels the same way.  The even better bit is that we will also start getting the *good* Xmas movies on TV and Ondemand.  I’m looking forward to “Scrooged”.  “Four Christmases” just doesn’t stack up, I’m afraid.   Sure, I could just buy the good stuff on DVD, but I’m a bit of a traditionalist 😉

Speaking of such, I think the husbeast wants to get some greasy food and brave the malls.  If you believe in such things, pray for our survival…


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