Bloody Wee Stitches: Crocheting Vintage Lace

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(and doing some planning)

a linked string of lace stars crocheted from tiny stitches.

You would think I’d be done with lace after the shetland wool scarf, but you would be wrong. This week I’m working on some very fine crochet lace and using a podcast style to talk about plans for upcoming projects.

Grab whatever you’re working on, whether it’s knitting, crochet, or sewing, and have a listen. This lace won’t crochet itself, you know!

Lace pattern from:

The Priscilla Yoke Book – Crochet and Tatting
Courtesy the Antique Pattern Library

00:00 – Introduction
00:54 – YouTube and Project Management
01:55 – Too Many Hobbies
03:56 – Getting it Together
05:22 – A Little Backstory
07:40 – A Simple Chemise?
09:05 – But seriously, what do you want to do?
12:24 – A Potential Plan of Attack

Butterflies in Love – Sir Cubworth
Two of Us – Saidbysed
Sangria – Saidbysed


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