WIP Wednesday: The Yule Knitting Commences

Posted September 26, 2012 by Maire in Hobbies / 2 Comments

I know that updates have been sparse lately, but I blame that on the work schedule being a bit wonky. One of the drawbacks of rotating shifts, I guess. When I haven’t been working, though, I’ve been keeping myself busy – and not with my Sims game! I’ve noticed time just slipping right away when I play, so I either need to set a timer, or just concentrate on the other things that need doing. This week I’ve been really good and just concentrating on the knitting.


First, though, I’ve gotten back to the spinning. This has been the one thing that has made the most progress over the course of the week. I had previously finished the bobbin on the left, and over the course of the last week, finished up the bobbin on the right. I’m currently working my way through the third and last bobbin, after which I will start plying. Hooray for making my own yarn!


This, however, was not spun by me. It’s Noro Silk Garden, and it’s being knit into something that I hope will be very warm and snuggly for the recipient. It’s probably the last time the blog will see it before it gets shipped up north to its new home. Hopefully there will be some action shots taken up there 😉


This looks suspiciously like a mitten, but it may not stay that way. I think it’s way too small, and way too thin for a northern winter. And when I say “northern”, I actually DO mean arctic! I’m thinking that this particular yarn will be frogged back and knit into a delightful scarf for a wee fashionista who loves the colour pink. It’s Zauberball Starke 6, so it’s thicker than the Crazy Zauberball, but apparently not by much. I will go on the search for more girly-coloured Noro later on. Possibly on the weekend.

Work on Robin’s sweater is continuing. I’m on the second sleeve, and while I’d show pictures, it’s really a matter of “second verse, same as the first”. Needless to say, the Husbeast is happy to see that the sweater is more than mostly theoretical!


2 responses to “WIP Wednesday: The Yule Knitting Commences

    • Thanks for the compliment on the spinning! I’m definitely finding it a “use it or lose it” skill, but the good thing is that I seem to be improving. The trick is keeping myself stocked with compelling fibre to spin.
      That said, I think I’ve mentioned to you that if you want me to try spinning something up for you, you just need to supply the fibre. I can’t guarantee the gauge, but I can at least give it a shot, right? 😉

      Hope you have fun in Canmore this weekend! Hope the yarn store has what you’re looking for 😀

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