WIP Wednesday: Nothing but Sock

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Last week’s WIP Wednesday showed this single, solitary, cast-on that was barely recognizable as a toe.  This week, I have a bit more to show.

Yep.  That’s a full sock and a half.  Okay…a little more than a sock and a half.  More like a sock and three quarters.  That’s what an illness in the family and being snowed in will do for you.

Actually, I’ll clarify that a bit.  Robin has shingles (if you didn’t listen to the podcast, you might not have surmised that). He started feeling “unwell” last week, and we were hoping he’d be better by the time we got to our vacation, but it was not to be.  We wound up at the Doctor’s office on Friday to get the antiviral medications, then the ER on Saturday due to some side-effect complications. Obviously we weren’t going to get out and do anything with Robin feeling poorly (plus, he practically slept nonstop through the rest of Saturday and into Sunday), and then we got some snow.  Enough that folks weren’t going very far very fast.

I also celebrated a birthday, but that’s a post for another time!

During our self-imposed “quarantine”, there wasn’t much for us to do but watch movies & keep busy.  Well…Robin had the task of healing up.  He’s almost all better now.  I got a lot of knitting done.  I figure I’ll likely be finished these in another couple of days.

The Estelle Cadenza yarn is nice to work with.  Reminds me a lot of a lighter version of the Socks That Rock Mediumweight that I had tried a couple of years back.  I can’t exactly liken it to STR Lightweight, since I haven’t used it.  I thought that with the variegation in the yarn, I’d get some interesting colour from it…and got stripes.  Just what I had recommended against for the February socks (headdesk).  Ah well…they still look beautiful.  Not sure if they’re going to  stay with me, or get set aside for a birthday or Xmas present for someone.  You never know in this family.

The pattern is pretty easy, though I’ve been freestyling my way through it.  It’s written for cuff-down, and I’m doing it toe-up.  Because I’m on a toe-up kick.  Either way, I’m loving the way they’re turning out, and I’m particularly liking my DPNs for speed in the areas where I don’t have to do any kind of purling back.  I will admit to being a jam-tart & putting the socks back onto the circulars just for the heels.  Something I have to work on, I guess.


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