WIP Wednesday: Malabrigo March!

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Another WIP Wednesday!  Things are continuing.  The February Lady Sweater has pretty much gone back into procrastinatory hibernation (but will likely be pulled out when the whim strikes).  The design-socks are still being kept away from cameras, and that leaves two things.  Two?!  Yes.  Two.

A Shawl!  Well…whatever it is, it’s sure a bright pink.  That’s the Brandywine Shawl, designed by Romi Hill, and I’m attempting to knit it from Allison Avery Premium Hand-Dyed Yarn (colourway: Girlie).  If the yarn looks familiar, it means you have a good eye.  I attempted a homebrew version of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Lenore out of that yarn. It was ripped back when I realized that the challenge had gone out of the project and the yarn was a little thin for the task of being lace socks. It’s not the only thing I’ve attempted from it. I tried a plain pair of socks (flashing & pooling issues) and a pair of socks that used some pretty fancy yarn-overs (thinness of the yarn, again).  I think it works great as a shawl!  Much nicer!

Second thing on my needles is my Shur’tugal Socks by Alice Yu.  They’re my March Skinflint Socks.  Say it with me: Mmmmmmalabrigo!  Apparently, March is “Malabrigo March” or “Malabrigo Madness”.  I can get behind that!

Last on the list is the spinning.  We’re down 50g of Fleece Artist BFL Sliver and have started the second 50g.  I’m thinking possibly of doing a 2-ply.  Might be fun!


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