WIP Wednesday

Posted February 2, 2011 by Maire in Hobbies / 0 Comments

Yesterday was the start of the Skinflint Sock Club, and I cast on at lunch hour, as soon as I had time (my time before work was taken up with the administrative duties and playing with the ball winder & swift). By bed last night, I’d managed to get about three inches knit.

No, that’s not three inches.  In fact, that’s barely more than one.  Why?  I had cast on for the medium size with 66 stitches…and found myself with a sock that was too big.  How was this even possible?!

Um.  Yeah.  The yarn is thicker than normal.  That threw off my gauge.  So I put in a line, ripped back, tinked another couple of rows & picked up where I left off…at 60 sts. around.  Problem solved.

I also dropped down to four needles (3 in the sock, 1 to knit with) from five.  The needles are really pointy, and I wasn’t happy with getting my hands stabbed every time I turned the sock around.  So…three needles around, 1 to knit with, and I’m a much happier little muffin.

Oh, and the whole weight loss thing that is an ongoing, photoless project?  According to work, I’m down 15 lbs.  I’m not taking it seriously, as I don’t know if the work scale is correct, but I’m definitely 10+ lbs down.  Huzzah!

(And if you’re wondering why I was getting weighed at work, we’re doing an office weight-loss challenge that started yesterday.  I bucked the curve by NOT getting on the scale with a big, bulky sweater and five pounds of junk in my pockets.  I’m nothing if not honest…)


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