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Well, I’ve gotten most of my sock knitting done for the time being, and now I’m just playing with yarn and seeing where it takes me. I could be trying to bust a move with cranking out last minute gifts, but I’m very happy to be going into my Yule celebrations without having any kind of last-minute crises. Yes, I can crank out a K2P2 scarf in about 43 or 4 days, but I have other things that I could be spending time on.

I think I've added three rows since this photo was taken...bad knitter....

Like my Pimpelliese. It would be nice to have another scarf, particularly for the winter months. I put the yarn ball onto my little kitchen scale and unwound yarn until I was at the 50g mark, then tied a piece of waste yarn at that point so I will know when to start my decreases. When I see that marker coming up, I’ll know that its all downhill from there.

It hasn't grown much since this past summer

I’ve also dug out Robin’s “Theoretical” Sweater. While the pattern says “Cobblestone Pullover” by Jared Flood, Robin isn’t convinced that it will ever actually turn into a sweater. All I can really say is that I haven’t ripped it back yet. I’m at about the 8-inch mark on the body, and have a couple of inches on one arm.

This is always my goal…to be able to get to this point of the year without going nuts over last-minute knitting, and I think I’ve pretty much made that goal this year. The main gift knitting has been done, and a couple of extra gifts were made along the way – putting me ahead of where I wanted to be. I suspect this is that “planning and organization” crap that people have been telling me I need to explore šŸ˜‰

How are your Holiday preparations going?


Just as an aside, I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so there’s a movement to “sanitize” the season. I also realize that not everyone is happy with this, and have started a movement to “put the Christ back in Christmas”. I’ll be blunt…I lean towards Paganism with a splash of Agnosticism. It would be hypocritical for me to jump on the “don’t take away my Christmas” bandwagon, and I find the sweeping non-denominalization of the season to the point of sidestepping the whole holiday to be in poor taste to those who *do* celebrate. So please don’t be offended if, instead of Christmas, I substitute Yule (as it’s the holiday *I* celebrate), and I actually admit to celebrating something instead of pointedly ignoring the holiday entirely. Cheers! šŸ™‚

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