The day after the night before

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I have four unlit jack o’lanterns in my kitchen, giving me this soulful look of “you know you want to light us, right?? I also have way too much leftover candy that is very quickly making its way into my bloodstream.

Apparently November is Movember, which means that most of my guy friends will be growing moustaches. As the Husbeast rocks the moustache/goatee year-round (I doubt I’d recognize him if he shaved), that won’t be happening around here. However, it is also apparently National Novel Writing Month, National Blog Posting Month, and apparently National Knit a Sweater Month. I’m trying to figure which nation is doing all this at once, but it sure makes for a month full of inspiration and opportunity for us bystanders! I’m thinking I may try my hand at the daily Blog Posting, as that had been my intention at the beginning of the year (and may have been a bit ambitious, in retrospect).

Haven’t chosen a Skinflint Sock Club sock for the month. The Sock Knitter’s Anonymous board on Ravelry has chosen “Man Socks” as its theme, so I’m thinking that would be a good place to start. I still have another Dadsock to knit for Yule, so that works to my advantage!


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