That’s a fact, Jack.

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I will admit that the title is due to an offhand comment made at work this evening, and probably has nothing to do with the rest of the post.  Hooray non-sequiteur?

I spent a goodly sum of the weekend knitting away at the first of the August socks. Once that sock was finished (in an almost record 4 days of futzing around with it when I had a moment), I put it aside and…well…

It's at about this point I think my neighbours were wondering why the crazy lady was taking pictures of her front walk. Beautiful northern lighting this AM!


I played with some granny squares.

I’m not addicted.  Honest.  I can stop anytime.

The thing is, I’ve had a few “can’t focus; clowns will eat me” moments, and playing around with the squares is a fun enough distraction.  I think I mentioned that my eventual goal is to make a keepsake blanket from the sock yarn I have previously enjoyed?  Well, I had to do a little…swatching, for lack of a better term. Some designs had far too many holes, others were too fussy. Finally I came upon the Graphic Granny Afghan by Katherine Eng, and it started faling into place.  I had wanted to do hexagonal Grannies, but wasn’t finding the right pattern until this one came along. I’m not doing colour changes, just continuing on with one colour. I think the blankie will look knifty when I’m done. It’s also a great pattern to use for a possible “real” afghan down the line, if I’m so inclined (with, like “real” yarn like DK or Aran weight.  Yeah, that’s it…)

And then we go back to the sock for a bit.

Let me just say that I love socks.  They’re my “thing”. You know, how everyone has something they’re good at?  Mine is socks.  Kinda a “Jack of all socks, Master of none”.  And so I think what I’m going to do is get in-depth with it and put some effort towards building an online Ensocklopedia for those who either are new to the humble sock, or a little bit terrified of trying to knit a cylinder with a bend in the middle. I want to do a detailed sock anatomy, an exploration of toe-up and toe-down techniques, as well as common heel and toe methods.

This could take awhile. But it looks like fun!  We’ll see how it goes.


2 responses to “That’s a fact, Jack.

    • Hi there! The sock pattern I was knitting at the time this post was written was Hermione’s Everyday Sock by Erica Lueder. The sock club is a little “club” of my own devising. If you head to the top of the page, you’ll find a link to the “Skinflint Sock Club”. That’s what I’m working on. Thanks! 🙂

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