Spooky September Challenge: Campfire stories? Nah!

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Spooky September Challenge

Today’s Spooky September Challenge was supposed to be my favourite campfire story, but anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I don’t camp.  I haven’t been camping for about fifteen years now, and that last time was supposed to teach me about all the awesome things I’ve missed out on, not being a camper. It was cold and rained almost the entire trip. Seriously. We had to go back into town to get a tarp because nobody brought one. Not my best weekend – only salvaged by good company.

So, instead, I bring you an update on the things I do when other people are telling stories around a bonfire. I knit. In fact, my scariest campfire story goes something like this: “And then…when she was about five inches short while binding off the incredibly complex shawl that she’d been knitting out of hand-spun yarn for three months…the ball ran out…” Gasp! Horror!

Yes. It happens. And those of us who knit all feel the pain.

Because my neck will be warm when the shivers go down everyone else's spines.
Because my neck will be warm when the shivers go down everyone else’s spines.

I finished a Noro 2-row scarf for myself!  Yes, this one is for me and me alone. No sharesies. I’ve made at least 3 others, and they have gone to my brother-in-law, my Husbeast, and our friend C. This one is mine. It has lots and lots of pink in it.

Noro 2-row Scarf


I’m also knitting a pair of socks. You can (currently) disregard anything in the right-hand sidebar from Ravelry that says I’m knitting anything BUT these socks, because they’re really all I’m knitting on right now. I don’t have the brain power at this time to work on anything more difficult or patterned. I couldn’t tell you what yarn this is as I’ve lost the ball band (likely something akin to Trekking), but I’m enjoying the way it’s striping.  These are going to be toe-up with a Fleegle Heel.



And since there aren’t any favourite campfire stories going around, how about some urban legends instead?  I thought you might like them 🙂


3 responses to “Spooky September Challenge: Campfire stories? Nah!

  1. O hey! I don’t like camping either but I envy those who can knit. I’ve been looking for someone to knit me a pair of slippers because I can’t knit and I haven’t the patience for it but I find knitted slippers so comfortable. I don’t mean to be intrusive but if you wanted to knit a pair of these slippers I would pay you .. Tha pattern cost 2 dollars so you can charge me for a reasonable price .

    • (hm…thought I replied, but it looks like it didn’t save…my apologies, Jackie, if you get a version of this twice)
      Unfortunately, when it comes to knitting, I have a list as long as my arm that needs to be completed and never enough time to finish it. When you’re a knitter, winter is *always* coming. For me, it’s knitting for my family. I have a bunch of work to get done before Yule.
      I know you say that you haven’t the patience for it, but knitting is very easy and relaxing. Some doctors even suggest it for folks with high blood pressure! Once you figure out how to knit and purl, it’s really just a matter of practice. If you’re a TV-watcher, finding time is easy — most of us knit while we watch/listen. Finding yarn you like to touch & the right needles for you (straight or circular) helps.
      If you don’t want to buy yarn and join us (we’re like zombies…..joinnnnn usssssss), I think the pattern designer mentions on her etsy page that she’s willing to knit pairs to order as time permits. That might be your best bet 🙂

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