Progress or fail?

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(I wrote this yesterday when it was actually Wednesday. But I hadn’t had time to take the pictures, so consider this my WIP Wednesday on Thursday)

I was going to show off my work in progress like I try to do every week…and then I finished my Camouflage socks.

No, you can’t see the pictures.  I’ll save those for Finished Object Friday.  See?  Now you have something to look forward to!

No little hexagonal Granny Squares either, I’m afraid. I’ve been concentrating on finishing the socks.  To the point where, when I realized that it would take only a little while to finish off the last toe, I decided not to take them to the office with me for my lunch knitting, and instead took the stripey socks that were on hold from the second half of last month.


The out-of-place single lavendar and green stripes are where the heels will go...

So what do I have, other than a pair of socks that were left in limbo for half a month?


Cobblestone Pullover designed by Jared Flood

I started a sweater. Meet the Cobblestone Pullover, designed by Jared Flood from Interweave Knits’s Fall 2007 issue.  I was browsing through knitted tops when I came across the pattern, and as I’m always trying to knit Robin a sweater (but rarely succeed), I figured I’d give it a try. The sweater looks good on a variety of different guys, so I figure it will be a good fit.

Finally…remember I mentioned I was watching old episodes of Dr. Who?  I’ve managed to get through Tomb of the Cybermen (2nd Doctor), known to me as “the one with the amazingly heavy, electrified styrofoam doors”. I’m now on the arc known as The Mind Robber, which I am trying to decide should have been named “Zoe’s Sparkly Butt” or “Dr. Who in the land of the Giant Black Saltines”.

Humour aside, I’m really enjoying the show, particularly seeing how the storylines develop and the writing evolves. While it’s a shame that most of the original BBC episodes seem to have disappeared or been destroyed, I have to say that if one story is 5 or 6 episodes, it would have taken forever to wade through the entire series.


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  1. Stolen

    I actually know where to get all of the old Doctor Who episodes. I actually have all of season one on my hard drive. 🙂

    • Season 1 as in the original series from the 1960’s, or the newer series? I do have most of the newer seasons (working my way through them slowly), but thought I’d go right back to the beginning wherever I could. Wikipedia shows that much of the older episodes have either gone walkabout or were destroyed. Guess they didn’t realize back then that the show would continue over a 50 year stretch (off & on) 😉

      And if you like older British TV shows, check out The Prisoner. I picked up the DVD Box Set as a Xmas gift for Robin a couple of years ago. It has a great blend of the Spy genre of the period mixed with Science Fiction and Fantasy 🙂

      • Stolen

        season 1 as in 1963, where he has a granddaughter. 🙂 I just downloaded 2 and 3 as well.
        There may be missing episodes (I haven’t noticed) but season 1 contains 42 episodes, season 2 has 32, and season 3 has 46.

        • Nice! I may have to check that out then….

          Somehow Netflix jumps from 1970 to about 1973. It can be a little…discombobulating 🙂

  2. How long do you knit your socks to when you put in the yarn for the afterthought heel? I’ve got some self-striping that I really want to do that to, and I’ve found afterthought heel instructions, but nothing about knowing where to place it.

    • My feet are about 10″ total, so I usually knit my socks with about 1/2″ to 1″ negative ease. That means I’m shooting for a sock that is (in total) about 9″ to 9.5″ from toe to heel.

      After I’ve completed the toe and started a good inch up the foot, I measure the toe, then subtract that number from, say 9.5 (the larger size). So if the toe is 1.5″, then I knit for about 8 inches from the tip of the toe before I put in my waste yarn.

      If you can do so, try to get the waste yarn in a place that’s smack dab in the middle of one of the stripes, not on the edge like in my example above. Give yourself enough wiggle room to have a few extra rows – you’ll want to cement the heel into place with some extra picked-up stitches and a couple of extra rows anyhow, so stopping a little short of your estimated total inches isn’t really a bad thing. It’s why the Yarn Harlot doesn’t even put in the waste yarn…she just keeps knitting and measures afterwards (which is kinda what I wish I’d done, as the waste yarn is in the most inconvenient place to join yarn, damnit).

      So the cliff’s notes?

      – (length of foot – negative ease) – length of toe = approximate length to shoot for.
      – Try to put in your waste yarn (or just snip) in the middle of a wide colour stripe rather than on the edge.
      – Give yourself a little leeway to add in a few extra rows.

      Give it a whirl and let me know how it turns out 😀

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