Moar Stripes

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I have a weird feeling that this scarf/shawlette may actually fit me. I’m also impressed with the camera in my iPod (it’s been handy, and doesn’t seem to distort colour the way my cell phone recently has).

The “point” of the scarf (and thus the current “middle” of the scarf) is up on the stool. That stuff hanging down? That’s one full side of the scarf. This puppy is going to be long.

Because, you see, I’m only halfway through both balls of yarn. Sure, you can’t see them to scale with anything but each other, but trust me…I’ve got another couple of days of happy, care-free knitting before I have to make decisions about what I could/should be knitting on next **

I love shawlettes, but I have to say that the wearing of them is horribly skewed towards skinny/”Normal” sized ladies. I’m sure that blocking wires could be my best friend when it comes to this issue, but I never feel that my shawlettes are quite long enough. And if you keep knitting on them, they just seem to get deeper, rather than getting longer in the arms. I admit it…I’m fat. I have more neck and shoulder area to cover, and I’d rather not look like I’m trying to wear something made for a toddler. This particular design, with it’s elongated shape, might be one of those shawls that actually fits.

It’s also really really warm. I realized this as I was bringing it back into the house, draped over my arm. The Weather Network says that it’s 14 degrees out there (57 degrees for non-Canadians who don’t believe in Celsius), and the area the scarf was covering was starting to get a couple of heat prickles. Say what I will about Noro, they know how to make yarn to keep you cozy. This will definitely be a fall/winter scarf.


**The Yarn Harlot expounded on her Inner Knitter today, and pretty much got mine bang-on. Except that mine’s a couple of years older, going on a Siouxie and The Banshees/The Cure jag, and has been cranky at me for the past 7 years that she’s been unable to indulge her craving for a clove cigarette.


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