I made yarn!

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I made yarn! I told you I was working on content!

For reference’s sake, here is what I started with: December 2013 Fiber Club Shipment from FatCatKnits, Mambo and Tango on Polwarth (5oz total). I did not take the photos – they are the inventory shots from Ginny’s website. I’m simply including them as a “before” shot.  To see the club shipment in all it’s glory, check out the listing in her store.

FCK Tango
FCK Tango

FCK Mambo on Polwarth
FCK Mambo on Polwarth


What I did was spin each colourway separately.  I broke each down into 4 strips, and spun them end-to-end. When I was done, I plied the two bobbins together.  This is what I came up with. These photos *are* mine, but taken on an overcast, snowy day with as much light as I could get into my kitchen.

I had been concerned that the Tango was going to overwhelm the Mambo and be too dark, but I was glad to see that they balanced each other out admirably. The Tango actually does the job of a neutral, and stabilizes the Mambo, actually.

Also, the polwarth is really bouncy and squooshy. I’m enjoying just handling the skein. I just keep picking it up and squishing it because it really is that soft. I felt like I was overspinning the singles, and had to overspin the ply a little bit to keep it dynamic, but it appears that’s exactly what the yarn wanted.  Hooray!

Now, after a dunk, a bit of a snap, and some drying time, it’s all ready for its next adventure. I’m thinking of turning it into a Quaker Yarn Stretcher.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂


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