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My garden sometimes surprises me. We cut back the rose bushes this past spring, and I really didn’t expect anything from them. I’ve since learned not to underestimate my roses.  Well…the roses at the back of the garden. While the rose bush at the front of the garden continues its three year trend of producing nary a bloom but long branches that rival a rastafarian’s dreads, the rosebush at the back of the garden has produced at least one bloom (and there’s a bud coming up!)


Now, the bloom isn’t in the best of condition, but I photographed it later in its lifetime, and the garden at the back got minimal love this past spring.

Also, Max the Phrenology Head and I spent some time out on the deck this afternoon. I finally finished that HitchHiker scarf that I started back in April. One of the reasons I like the pattern is the utter simplicity of garter stitch. I’ve noticed that this has been a trend with me this year…garter stitch scarves, a baby surprise jacket or two…granted, my knitting production has been a little low this year, but I blame that on the fact that I no longer have a lot of time to knit at work (and I’ve started doing a lot more spinning).


The yarn I’m using was a X-mas gift one year from Robin’s Mum. There were two colourways of the same brand (Sweatermaker Yarns), and the first pair of socks knit from the first colourway felted so badly that I think they wound up going to either Chelsea or Sherri.  Usually my shrunken socks go to Sherri because size 9.5 socks that have shrunk usually seem to fit a size 6 foot. I was determined that the green yarn wouldn’t wind up the same way, so I figured that the shawlette was a better option. I think I chose well!  HitchHiker seems to work really well with really “busy” colourways.

I’ve now got another shawl on the needles, but that’s a story for another time 😉


5 responses to “Finito!

    • Aww, thanks! The HitchHiker pattern is really simple and because it’s garter stitch, knits up really fast 🙂
      The rose…I had very little to do with 😉

  1. Paula

    I’ve got a rosebush that hasn’t flowered in years either. It’s getting ripped out next year because I don’t have the space to waste on flowers that don’t earn their keep 🙂 I was going to replace it this year, but with the drought there was no point in trying new plants.

    • I think that the bush at the front of the garden has one more year to take up space, and then he just might get pulled. There used to be another rose bush right beside it, and that one died. Its remains were pulled out this spring. I don’t like pulling actual perennials that aren’t weeds, but this guy just spreads his thorns all over that side of the patio, and since we have friends with small children, is more a possible problem than anything else. I hope the drought is over soon!

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