Clockwork (with orange! Really!)

Posted April 4, 2012 by Maire in Hobbies / 0 Comments

Not exactly a WIP for Wednesday…I cast off my Clockwork Scarf yesterday!

I decided that the deck post could do the modelling for me. At some point I may get Robin to do the honours, maybe on a less-overcast day. The scarf needs to be blocked, but even so, it still looks wonderful. I think that the gauge shortened the length a little, but that can be blocked out. I may attempt this again but with a lighter gauge of fingering weight yarn.

I was right about the colours, though. The oranges, greys and blacks just kinda *pop* against the charcoal grey of the “spokes”. Seeing as how the yarn is Kroy (Patons Kroy in “Gentry Grey” and “Burnished Sierra Stripe”), it should be one heck of a warm scarf.

I’ve been letting my fingers rest since casting off. They hurt a bit, from moving stiffly crammed stitches down my straight needles. I will admit that I never used to enjoy using straight needles, but since learning how to lever-knit, it’s a lot easier. It’s still something I’m practicing, so I’m not exactly ready to knit Estonian lace on them, but for mostly garter-stitch items, it’s a win!

Trying to figure out what to work on once the fingers stop aching.  Maybe go back to my blanket? Cast on a HitchHiker or Wingspan? Maybe…I dunno….find a nice, simple pair of (gasp!) socks?  I guess we’ll see!


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