At the corner of acrylic and boucle

Posted August 11, 2011 by Maire in Hobbies / 2 Comments

I was pleasantly surprised today by our local Michaels. There is usually one small aisle of yarn, and a bit of pegboard with some notions on it. A few months ago, I recall them posting signs indicating that they were going to upgrade the section of yarny goodness.

There’s a heck of a lot more yarn. Behind the rack on the left is another rack the other side of it, and then another rack against the back wall. The rack dead ahead is actually another wall (the yarn section is tucked in a back corner).  They’ve essentially doubled or tripled their yarn.  They also now have more than just the Paton’s Kroy and Stretch sock yarns. They now carry the Lion Brand Sock Ease (I admit I picked up a coffee-coloured ball), as well as something called Thread and Loop (I think…I didn’t take all that close a look).

They have also expanded some of their notions (more small-sized DPNs, for instance), and there are a ton more novelty yarns. One would think that someone noticed that knitting has gotten a lot more popular, eh?

As an aside…Netflix has at least one Very Early Doctor Who First Doctor serial – The Aztecs. It’s…uh…quite a change from where I first started viewing.  Amazing how, in 1963, Aztecs looked like British gents in silly hats….


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  1. I had noticed that Michaels seemed to be rearranging their yarn recently too. Good to hear that it was to make room for more yarn and tools! (I go to the Michaels by Ikea, which one did you take the photo in?)

    And – I listened to the Sock Tart podcast back in the day, and was sad when it stopped. I hadn’t realised that you started podcasting again! I just saw the link on your sidebar! I’m going to download them tonight. 🙂

    • Hi there!
      The Michaels that I generally haunt (not very often) is the one on 32nd Ave NE next to Toys R Us and across the road from Staples. Now is also a good time to stock up if you’re wanting to decorate for Hallowe’en…I picked up one of their fake pumpkins for about 30% off so that I can dremel the heck out of it (and never EVER have to do at least one of my three or four really intricate pumpkin carvings EVER AGAIN).

      Glad to hear you’re rediscovering the podcast in its new(ish) form. I’m on hiatus for the moment as I get some real-life stuff sorted out, but am hoping to be back at it in the next month or two. 🙂

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