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This will be a bit of a quick one, as I didn’t take a heck of a lot of photos of singles or anything as I was going along. Working the night shift this past month, while it has given me more time with the husbeast, has kinda sucked time away from some of the other stuff I would normally do.  Anyhow…remember this?

3 colours of fluff

Well, it’s all spun up now!  The amounts needed for the project, that is. Those are all Louet Merino-Silk 80/20. Somehow I came to be in the possession of 2oz of the Princess Blue (in the middle), and about a pound each of the Black and the Pink stuff (I’m still not sure if the colourway is Fuschia or Garnet). I spun each colourway separately with the intention of doing a 3-ply. The fun part about it is what’s left over…


I started with the blue, and worried that I hadn’t spun it fine enough to get enough yardage. In comparison to the amount of pink & black singles, the blue looked deceptively…sparse. Well, I wound up running out of the pink & had to spin up another small batch of singles (which is why I have such a small amount of singles left over). The black?  I must have gotten pretty proficient with the spinning by that time, because I had weighed out the exact same amounts for the pink and the black. I have a surplus of the black singles, and a little of the pink. I’ll likely wind those off into yarn cakes on cardboard tubes so that I can save them for the next merino-silk project. I’m thinking what I’ll eventually do is spin up the rest of my pink & black and 2-ply them.

Waterfall of Merino-Silk 80/20

Here’s the finished product. Approximately 648 yards in a 3-ply. Absolutely gorgeous. Up close you can see each ply, and how thick/thin the strands are. I love that I can see the black, the blue and the pink.

Merino-Silk 80/20

And then you look at it all skeined up or from a distance, and honestly? It looks more like a blackberry colour. After all, what’s blackberry? Black and blue and pink. Very sweet.

I have an idea of what I’ll use it for, I just don’t know if it will be anytime soon. I guess that if you see it all knit up on the blog again, you’ll know  😉


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