Surviving the Mall

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Aside from the weird colours of “plaid” displayed at the local Tommy Hilfiger shop, we found this sweater that had to boldly assert the fact that it is, indeed, fair-isle.  WTF?

Seriously, if the husbeast wasn’t already aware of what Fair-Isle knitting was, this would stump him.  I can see men all over the world looking at this sweater, scratching their collective heads, and wondering if it’s a nice place to vacation.  Yeesh.

We hit Chinook Mall really early this morning (actually, Robin went for breakfast with a friend after work & met up with me afterwards).  Going early means being able to park near the door…so I can leave my coat in the car and any other heavy stuff.  We actually had to make a couple of trips back, depending on whether stores were being generous and giving us shopping bags.

Actually, the stores weren’t all that bad…it was the people!  Now, I can understand the lineups for Santa.  I’m totally down with the Santa thing.  What annoyed me were the people with the SUV-sized strollers who weren’t watching where they were going.  They were drinking their nonfat soy lattes, gabbing to their girlfriends (also with large strollers…they seem to move in herds), and setting up their manicure appointments, but they sure weren’t watching the path in front of them.  I almost had my feet taken off at the ankles by a lady who decided I was in her way.  We learned something very important…

If you’re moving, they can’t get you.

Seriously, I have no problem with parents going shopping.  It’s that time of year, and everyone kinda has to do it.  What I have a problem with is a seeming lack of awareness that is being displayed more and more often.  I can be a dizzy bitch more than half of the time…it’s why I generally take Robin with me when I go to the mall.  He makes sure I’m not walking into posts or tripping over displays.  Those are inanimate objects that I just seem to have blind spots for.  People, though, I make an effort to avoid hitting.  If I accidentally stumble into someone through my own carelessness, I make sure they’re okay and apologize.  I don’t barrel through them like it’s their fault that they’re in my way.

So, yeah.  That hit a hot button.

On the more humorous front, I had to laugh at the lady who told me that Smorkin’ Labbit dolls did not belong in a “Children’s Store” like Discovery Hut.  I tried to tell her that it’s intended for children of “all ages”, and that it’s based on street art and contemporary pop art…but I think that was lost on her.  She wasn’t expecting a new-media art college dropout who could give her a minor lecture, I guess.  I suppose that at this time in my life, I look like someone’s Mum (sans children) or favourite auntie.

Damn skippy my nieces & nephews will get street art.  It’s educational, yo.

But maybe not until they can understand it.

My very first Honourary Niece turned 18 yesterday.  I’m not letting it make me feel old. Maybe because I’m still young enough to do stupid things like commiserate about not getting drunk on one’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Bean!  Hope that tonight goes a little more according to plan.  Dance like nobody’s watching, sweetie! 🙂


4 responses to “Surviving the Mall

  1. Stolen

    I don’t know what Fair Isle knitting is. I think I’m going to purposely stay ignorant as well. 😛

    And I have an actual nephew who’s over 22 now. 🙁

    Mind you…I *am* old. 🙂

    • Take my advice and stay ignorant of the different knitting techniques…we’ll keep the magic tricks among the knitters themselves! 😉

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