Hands off my Coffee Crisp

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Someone in this household picked up discount Hallowe’en candy at the grocery store. And it’s a Coffee Crisp-heavy load. To quote the Husbeast, “I love Coffee Crisp, and I never get any for Hallowe’en”.

When I was a kid, I had to fight tooth-and-nail for Coffee Crisp and Mars. For years, I’d be absolutely positive that there would be Coffee Crisp and Mars bars in my Hallowe’en haul, but after Mum and Dad had gone through all the candy for “Safety Reasons”, there wasn’t a sign of either kind of candy bar. Apparently the “Safety Reasons” included “Confiscation of all Coffee Crisp and Mars mini chocolate bars” (Dad is the Coffee Crisp culprit. Mum likes Mars bars). In addition, they attempted to make the candy last longer by locking it away in a cupboard. I’m not sure if that was a blessing or a curse.

I have a feeling that the year my brother and I rebelled and told Mum and Dad that we would “risk it” was the year the Hallowe’en magic died for them.  What I don’t understand is this:

If Robin is able to go out and buy his own bloody Coffee Crisp mini chocolate bars, why were my parents unable to do the same thing? I love you, Mum and Dad, but stealing your kids’ mini chocolate bars instead of buying your own stash is just a wee bit more than a little twisted, don’t you think?



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