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We signed up for a membership to the YMCA this evening. They won’t be opening the gym in Saddleridge (Genesis Centre) until sometime in December, but apparently if we want to get a jump-start, we can use any of the other Ys in the city.  Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them are anywhere near our home, but it’s a start. We meant to sign up earlier, but due to our work schedules being crazy on the signup days, this was really the first chance we had – the last day for registration, of course. The place was packed, but I think we managed to get through the lines pretty well.

I’m really looking forward to having a membership to a gym again, and having one close to the house. Back before the Husbeast and I moved in together, I had a membership to the Spa Lady that was just down the street from my parents’ house. I was following the Body for Life plan, and while the weight wasn’t dropping the way I’d have liked, I was making some good muscle gains (at my best, I was bench-pressing around 100 lbs). In the years we’ve been together, I gained about 45 pounds, took off about 40 of them by following Atkins, and then regained about 50. It’s amazing how well my body tolerates a low-carb eating plan, but it’s also scary how quickly I will gain weight. I can be eating a “sensible low-fat diet”, and gain weight at what most would consider a crazy rate. Apparently thyroid problems run in the family, and I guess that could be a factor, but they never seem to  come across any problems when they test me.

Me at the Calgary Zoo, November 2011. Photo taken by Robin

I’m thinking that what I’m going to do is take the time before the gym opens to clean up the diet so that it’s not too many changes at once. That should also get me on track for surviving the Yule season without too much impact. We can consider the photo above, taken on our recent trip to the zoo, as a “before” picture. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some changes as the new year approaches!


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