Don’t Panic!

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Meet my buddy Max

Max is a Phrenology head. He is currently modelling Robin’s Bowler hat and 2-Row Noro Scarf (Robin accused me of dressing Max up, but I maintain it’s to keep the hat from getting crushed). Max sits in our front hallway, where he can greet people as they come through the door.  Eventually, I will have a hat for every season for him. Until then, he makes a great hat-stand for the Bowler. Max is going to help me out today by modelling my latest finished project: my Noro 2-Row HitchHiker (Pattern by Martina Behm).

It isn’t blocked, but it’s nice and big. I’ve tried it on and it actually wraps around my shoulders and can be loosely tied in front with enough of a tail hanging down to look cheerily jaunty. It’s warm, too. It’s going to make a really nice, warm, small wrap. I cast off using Jeni’s Surprisingly Stretchy Castoff (or at least, my version of it). Makes me wonder how big this scarf will be when I finally get around to blocking it.

I also really love the colours. I’ve probably mentioned that before, but the colour vs white striped look is very pretty together.  Definitely a woman’s scarf.  Can’t see the Husbeast stealing it (though if I re-knit the scarf in manly colours, all bets might be off, and it definitely IS something I’m considering).

And yes. I’ve already cast on another one.  Did I mention I like this pattern?  I like this pattern.  Best (approximately) 4 bucks spent evar (well, if I was paying the individual price. I actually bought the 4-pattern collection for about $13, which is what 11 Euros translated to at the time).


(I apologize for the grainy-ness of the photos. I’ve found that my iPod can sometimes take the best photos ever in the lowest light possible, but the resulting quality is unpredictable. I’d have hooked up my digital camera, but wasn’t sure the batteries were working & I didn’t have a transfer cable handy).

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    • We got Max at Reid’s, in downtown Calgary. I think you can order them online, as I know you relocated & I have no idea if Reid’s ever replaced Max in stock.

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